Business Interactive Reward Coin

Business Interactive Reward Coin

What is BIRC?


BIRC is an innovative and interactive reward ecosystem that combines local shops, O2O and blockchain. This cryptocurrency on blockchain will generate from interaction with local shops, so mining of cryptocurrency will be no longer funny toy of internet geeks and normal people can also mine in daily life. People can earn cryptocurrency easily when shopping, dining or go to movies.

BIRC defines specialized interactive rewards for every interaction scene with local shops. For instance, you go to restaurant with your family members and dine may produce actions like “rating”, “commenting”, “like” and “Photo uploading”. These actions constitute a set of “collection of interactions in restaurants”. People can receive corresponding “Business Interactive Reward Coin” when finishing an interactive action. When you participate in a concert, it will generate actions like “buying tickets”, “listening/watching”, “video uploading”, “check-in”. These actions will constitute a set of “collection of interactions in exhibition activities”. We will define every physical interaction in daily life. Both local shops and users will receive corresponding rewards when they generate interactions.

This is the first innovative application which combines physical interactive actions and cryptocurrency in the world. We will develop a sound ecosystem from this interaction process at most effort in the future. Users or local shops of BIRC will also create more unforeseen commercial applications, then BIRC will become a really valuable cryptocurrency!

What problems does BIRC solve?

  • Physical interaction without value

    • Reluctance to comment or rate

    • O2O is inefficient

    • Cost of mining is too high

    • Cryptocurrency is not available to all

    • Too many point reward systems result in confusion

Interactive Reward Ecosystem

鉑客幣回饋機制 鉑客幣回饋機制
  • Guests consume and interact with shops through O2O

  • Guests and shops earn BIRC

  • BIRC can be exchanged in cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Shops can buy BIRC in cryptocurrency exchanges as they wish. BIRC official can repurchase BIRC for supply too.

  • BIRC can be exchanged to Bitcoin or Ethereum, then exchanged again to fiat money.

User Interactive Scenario

Business Interactive Reward Strategy

BIRC defines specialized interactive rewards for every interaction scene with local shops. For instance, you go to restaurant with your family members and dine may produce actions like “rating”, “commenting”, “like” and “Photo uploading”. People can receive corresponding “Business Interactive Reward Coin” when finishing an interactive action. We will define every physical interaction in daily life. Both local shops and users will receive corresponding rewards when they generate interactions.

Interactive Reward Examples

Every interaction reward will be calculated by PoI formula.Numbers below are for reference. In 2019 we will release10 interactive application scenarios in daily life!

  • Like :
  • Guest receives 1 BIRC
  • Local shop receives 0.5~2 BIRC
  • Rating :
  • Guest receives 1 BIRC
  • Local shop receives 0.5 BIRC
  • Commenting :
  • Guest receives 1 BIRC
  • Local shop receives 0.5 BIRC
  • Photo:
  • Guest receives 2 BIRC
  • Local shop receives 2 BIRC

Proof of Interaction

Proof Of Work
Proof of Work

Receive cryptocurrency by mining. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of power to calculate. For example BTC, ETH.

Proof Of Interaction
Proof of Interaction

Receive cryptocurrency by interacting with specific targets, networks, applications: BIRC.

Proof Of Stake
Proof of Stake

Receive cryptocurrency by amount and time you hold it, just like interest. For example DASH、NEO、PIVX、ETH.

Make your life full of interaction

  • Dining

  • Clothing

  • Housing

  • Transportation

  • Education

  • Entertainment

Business Application Scenery

The interactive reward system of BIRC will integrate all application scenarios, including dining, shopping, living, transportation, education, and entertainment. Additionally, besides universal and common interactions and rewards for all application scenarios, BIRC will define distinctive actions and rewards based on specific business and consumer needs. Application scenarios as below are already in development. Supplementary application scenarios will be added according to demand. BIRC will make every interaction in consumer life produce a valuable reward!

  • Rating

  • Photo

  • Check-in


  • Comment


  • Restaurant


  • Oline/Offline Shopping

    Oline/Offline ShoppingPurchase / Experience / Use

  • Rental

    RentalViewing / Rent

  • Transportation

    TransportationTravel / Rent

  • Education

    EducationTaking class / Register

  • Show

    ShowBuy tickets / Join

BIRC Local Business APIs

BIRC Local Business APIs will be enabled in 2020. 3rd party developers can develop reward systems or other creative applications through BIRC.

  • 資料層

    Data Layer

    • BIRC BlockChain
  • 應用層

    Application Layer

    • Store API
    • Location API
    • Account API
    • Transaction API
  • 商業層

    Business Layer

    • Local Business Apps/dApps
    • 3rd Business Applications
    • Trip Apps
    • Others

API Economy

Through connecting API, the value of BIRCs service platform will increase, and thus an ecosystem will be built. Worldwide, approximately 60% of exchanges come from applications created through API. eBay opened its API in 2000 and has connected approximately 2,000 application programs. SoftBank’ “Pepper” uses open API and provides SDK to developers for free. In this way it can accelerate the rich content of application software and promote marketing sale. Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and uses API to allow vendors to do direct marketing. All these brands are leaders of the API economy. Through API, BIRC can improve the interactions between customers and businesses effectively and promote business growth.

  • amazon
  • google
  • facebook
  • ebay
  • softbank
  • alibaba

BIRC + Education


Education Reward

Reward system is very popular in various after-school tutorial institutes, for instance recommended registration, scholarship and point collection for small gifts.


Reward of academies

Students who achieve goals will be rewarded with BIRC. BIRC can be exchanged to cash reward of RE APP. They can go to shops of RE alliance for free stationery or gifts with RE APP reward cash.



SaaS: Cloud software service

Integrate current cloud services. BIRC will have horizontal cross-platform application capability.


Points from buying drinks can exchange to BIRC

Through API, POS can deliver BIRC automatically when designate number of points are collected. No need for manual operation anymore.


物聯網 – 萬物可連網

IoT : Internet of Things – everything links to internet

BIRC reward for 10km-running.With API connection, smart treadmill will deliver BIRC automatically when designate conditions are met.

BIRC API + Car Safety


Car Safety : Incentive safety regulations.Reward for complying regulations

Through IoT of ECU, drivers will be rewarded automatically when complying regulations. For example changing tires regularly, no speeding and regular inspection.


  • May 2018

    BIRC announcement

  • May 2018

    BIRC business model patent application

  • June 2018

    Private sale

  • Oct. 2018


  • 2018 Q4

    List on Top 100 Exchanges

  • 2018 Q4

    RE APP enters SEA market: Hong Kong and Malaysia

  • 2019 Q1

    List on Top 50 Exchanges

  • 2019 Q3

    The release of application scenario definition

  • 2019 Q4

    The release of BIRC Android/iOS App bases on RE APP

  • 2020 Q2

    The release of BIRC blockchain API

  • 2020 Q2

    BIRC buy/sell platform for business online

  • 2020 Q2

    The release of first 3rd party BIRC application

Our Vision

A local business platform better thanGoogle's My Business:

Because of its openness and fairness, the commenting function of Google's ‘My Business’ has gradually replaced promoted posts from traditional bloggers. Coupled with the ‘Local Guide’ mechanism, which can accumulate points, My Business has become a useful tool for local businesses. BIRC salutes Google and releases a commenting and rating mechanism that is more attractive. A cryptocurrency acquisition mechanism based on concept of interactive mining will give a substantial value to the interaction between customer and business. It is expected to compete with Google in three years, and to build better O2O platforms for local businesses together!

Open API Structure:

BIRC Local Business APIs will be enabled in 2020. 3rd party developers can develop reward systems or other creations.

Future Perspective

BIRC is the first cryptocurrency system which is designed for interaction with physical shops. According past experience, we find that mining is only a funny toy of few engineers. For normal people mining and cryptocurrency are very difficult things to get close to. This is diametrically opposed to demand of currency. For now cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum are just investment products and can’t reach the goal of widely accepted by more normal people. But BIRC makes it. With very simple mechanism of interactive mining all people now can receive cryptocurrency. When everyone holds cryptocurrency and can deal with it easily, it meets the demand of circulation. We expect that the following things can be achieved in the future:

  • To increase interaction between retailer and guest, also give value
  • Ultra-low mining threshold: interaction is mining
  • Intuitive reward mechanism
  • Create O2Oecosystem, make electronis money useful in daily life

Partner & Media Report



Media Report

  • TVBS
  • 蘋果日報
  • 工商時報
  • 經濟日報
  • 智慧機器人網
  • CCN

Team Members

Our Team
  • 首席執行官 (CEO)


    Joseph Tsou

    Ex - Citibank & KPMG Advisory, acquired immense knowledge within the Financial Services as well as the FinTech sector.Committed to the development of Blockchain projects, managed BlockEx's Asian Office and supported various projects while helping to raise over $20 million through their TOKENS since early 2017.BSc and MSc from Imperial College London.

  • 首席戰略官 (CSO)


    Alice Huang

    Great experience of working in the investment banking and global corporate banking industry with Citibank, UBS and a number of state own banks from UK, EU and Asia.Dedicated to Blockchain fields including Fintech for FIs, corporations, and ICO and capital market fund raising for start-ups, SME and MME since 2017.BSc and MSc from the University of Oxford.

  • 首席營運官Joe Lockie


    Joe Lockie

    Entrepreneur, 15 years experiences in business management & strategyDedicated to blockchain research, ICO investment and startups strategy consultation for over 2 yearsPostgraduate degree of University of Reading, UK

  • 技術長簡旻諄


    Kent Chien

    Proficient in software planning, design and developmentMore than 10 years experience of software and product developmentAbility in finance and software integration, former member of IT department of CTBC & MOMO

  • 研發部經理李承儒

    R&D Manager

    Rex Li

    Proficient in software structure and developmentE-commerce background, former member of MOMO and TSTAR

  • 研發工程師林均翰


    Gary Lin

    Experienced MISProficient in internet structure, Linux, Windows

  • 專案經理于倉和

    Project Manager

    Lukas Yu

    Proficient in multi-language localization & integration workProficient in social & content marketing, portal managementFormer editor of Wargaming Asia official portal

  • 行銷經理黃琮翔

    Marketing Manager

    Hunter Huang

    Former member of Top 2 PR groups in Taiwan, PILOT and UC, collaborated with major customers like CHT and SamsungMore than 6 years experience of PR, familiar with media operation in Taiwan

Our Advisors
  • 林翊忠 Michael Lin


    Michael Lin

    Continuous entrepreneur and professional enterprise management instructorLectures to more than 100,000 people in China and SEARE APP co-founder and CEO

  • 黃治豐 David Huang


    David Huang

    Experienced entrepreneur, including appliance, retailer, IT service and chain management for food and beverage industryProficient in channel ecosystem and managementRE APP co-founder and CSO

  • 張永祥 Kenny Chang


    Kenny Chang

    Collaboration with CHT for cloud project promotion of MOEAProficient in e-commerce platform establishment and consulting, administration, HR and internal control and audit RE APP co-founder and COO

  • 王富民 Tomi Wang

    TOMI IPR Group

    Tomi Wang

    Founder20 years of IPR experienceproficient in patent, trademark and copyrightProficient in IPR affairs ofTaiwan, China and international field

  • 黃沛聲 Bryan Huang

    TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law

    Bryan Huang

    Managing Partner of TaipeiLawAttorneys-at-LawMore than 10 years of experience in internet industry & startup consultationProficient in new regulatory issues like technological law, investment, business model, equity planning and corporate structure

  • 林俊宏 Jim Lin

    TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law

    Jim Lin

    Dual accountant's licenses in Taiwan and the USTaiwanese lawyer's license, proficient in financial and legal fieldProficient in domestic and overseas tax affairs, financial planning and related regulatory issues

  • 陳永昌 Nelson Chen

    YesCloud Innovation Co.,Ltd.

    Nelson Chen

    Founder of many internet companies, 20 years experience of software, internet platform and ,major APP development projects8 years experience of e-commerce & online marketingInternational ICO advisor of at least 5 local companies in Taiwan in 2018

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