Announcement on BIRC Listing 08 Nov, 2018

As most of us have realized over the last few months, the current crypto market is very volatile, with less and less market cap as well as trading volume for both Bitcoin and Ether. With that in mind, to avoid unnecessary loss of value for our current investors and undervaluing the true value of BIRC ( Business Interactive Reward Coin) , as a team we decided to postpone the listing of BIRC on exchanges for the time being. We are eyeing to establish new listing opportunities towards the end of third quarter next year (2019), when BIRC’s platform is closer to its launch.

Since March of this year, the decline in the value of crypto has exceeded the expectations of many new investors, resulting in many startups unfortunately withdrawing from the market.

However, we also believe this is a necessary step for the industry to move forward as a whole in the future. After separating the weak from the strong, we believe that 2019 will be a better year for all Blockchain startups who were able to endure this current slow down and recover to reach new heights. With a few real life business use cases such as BIRC in the market, investors will be more confident to invest in companies such as BIRC who has established a strong customer base with partners like RE & Grab.

We are confident with our original plan to expand BIRC into the mainstream market of retail & offline interactions, the team will keep our focus on getting the MVP of the platform out of the door before allowing free trading of the token which has no utility until the platform is built.