The first Strategic Partnership of BIRC is with RE CO. Ltd. Hong Kong. The main product of RE CO. Ltd. Hong Kong is the acclaimed "RE Red Envelope" cashback app. Taiwan is the first region where the "RE APP" has been in use. Currently there are more than 10,000 businesses and 1,000,000 members using "RE Red Envelope" in Taiwan.

RE APP is a cash-reward app based on the concept of “economy sharing”. It can be downloaded for free. After an easy two-step registration, users receive a cash reward for every payment verified by the app, regardless of whether cash, credit card or other mobile system is used to make the payment. The RE APP can be used without registering any credit cards . More importantly, the cash reward from RE APP has no time limitation nor any discount ceiling. The RE APP also promotes interaction between customers and businesses with its ‘Lucky Draw’ competition.

The business model of this strategic partnership will be achieved by enabling BIRC to be used in the RE APP directly. Besides the option to be exchanged for fiat currency on exchanges, BIRC can also be converted into RE reward cash anytime and anywhere. It can then be spent in any RE alliance business or online business right away, and a complete O2O cycle will have been produced. Along with RE reward cash being earned by the action of consumption in the businesses, customers can also earn BIRC rewards by completing businesses’ defined interactive actions. Mechanisms of cash reward and crypto interactive reward will bring customers from online to offline for effective shopping. RE will surpass all current business alliance platforms with the combination of these two techniques.

RE紅包-瑞瑞 APP畫面

There are more than 10,000 alliance shops in Taiwan

RE International Expansion

Since first being established, the corporate goal of RE has been to step out of Taiwan and have a foothold on Asia, then to enter the global market. RE will not be satisfied with deep development only in Taiwan. RE will enter foreign markets with agents or international partners. Through the RE APP, RE reward cash accumulated by users will be able to be spent in any country where RE exists (the system will convert rates automatically depending on location). Consumption, interaction and reward can proceed unimpeded. At first, the development of RE will start from capital cities, and then will infiltrate into second-tier and third-tier cities in sequence. Following this, all these cities will be connected with each other and RE’s international cash-back reward network will have been established. RE is in the process of entering Vietnam and Malaysia, and it will also enter the markets of Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA and Canada in the near future. It is expected that by 2020 there will be hundreds of thousands of businesses joined in the alliance of "RE Red Envelope", promoting a global O2O interactive economy through cooperative collaboration.